How to Create your Website

There are numerous reasons for building a website, either you just want to use it as a hobby page, to engage in a marketing sites or to you want to expand your business or just to help your business growth, it is therefore helpful to know how to create website just by yourself. But sometimes, we are bothered about all these html and any other codes. You don’t have technical knowledge? Well, you can still be capable of creating your own website.
How to create your own website?
Pick a Domain name. This will be the very first thing you need to do. Domain name will be your website’s name. To get and use this domain name, you will be required to pay a fee yearly to the registrar. But it’s just the basic, it does not mean that when you get the name, website will already pop out. It’s just like you register your business in the business world.
Pick a web host. Web host is a company that possesses numerous computers that are connected in the Internet. This is responsible to make your page visible in computers across the globe. But to get their services, you need to sign up first on their account. This will serve as your website’s home. It’s just like renting an office for your business.
• Web page Design. After you settle this two factors, the next step will be the designing of the website. This can be done by yourself but if you don’t have the guts to do it, you can then just hire a web designer. There are lots of considerations in this step. Knowing how to create a basic website page can be your initial step. To help you do this, try using WYSIWYG web editor. This editor will let you design the website visually even without acquiring any technical knowledge. It works like a word processor.
• Website Testing. Test the web page you created in numerous browsers. Browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox will allow you to test the site without any charge. To know whether your site really works, you need to test it using all of these browser.
• Since web browsers can change version over time, validation of codes can help your website work even in the future versions of these browsers. You don’t have to worry about technicality, there are already web page validators available out there for free. But these validator will only tell you whether the page has errors which mean if you don’t have technical knowledge, finding the error can be a hard task.
• Make money. If your website will be used for business purposes such as selling services or products, there will be a need to include feature used for business process.
• Make your site visible. After you have finished creating website, the final step will be submission of the site to SEO such as Bing and google. But if your website is already connected to other websites, this steps can be skipped. Afterwards, you might consider promoting your site so more people will notice your site.

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