How to Choose the Best Web Application Builder

So you are now planning on a web app, however you don’t know where to look for a good web application builder to help you. While each solution is unique, you will find some attributes that any good web application builder must display.
1.    Developer productivity
Given than smart individual are the most important resource you have any architecture or framework, we adopt the needs in order to aid optimize developer productivity time.
-    Concise however not obtuse
-    Simplicity is important
-    Expressiveness
-    Excellent supporting tools
-    Short feedback loops
-    Standardized manner of doing stuff

2.    Deployability
Propagation and deployment through several environment is a bug cost. A product, which is complicated to deploy needs longer release stages and makes it more difficult to respond to fix bugs and changes.


-    Hassle free rollback
-    Licensing must not stop multiple environments.
-    Easily scriptable configuration or file based configuration
-    Quick build times
-    Small physical size
-    Automated tests are simple to write
-    Automated scriptable deployments

3.    Product Growth and Community
Bear in mind there must be also a good and strong community at the back of the product you are utilizing. Having other individual who have solved the issues you are encountering is a big factor in how simple framework or product is to live with.


-    Many blogs, tutorials and blogs
-    Lots of questions and answers on the stack overflow
-    Lots of open source projects and plugins connected to the framework
-    Active repo n the github when it is open source

4.    Interoperability
Ask yourself if you play better with others. Interfaces, communication protocols, communication protocols, as well as data formats are the important considerations for interoperability. Furthermore, standardization plays a very important aspect that needs to be considered whenever building an interoperable system.


-    Offers you with lots of options whenever choosing 3rd party systems
-    Publish standards weren’t available
-    Make use of open standards when available

5.    Troubleshooting and transparency
Whenever something goes wrong, it is important that you see if how simple is it to track down the mistakes and reproduce it.


-    It must be simple to trace an error all throughout the way thru the application
-    Debug logs could be changed off and on
-    All data required to re-produce an error is involved in the log
-    Comprehensible stack traces
-    All important events and errors are logged on a good way

6.    Performance
Note that performance is a sign of the responsiveness of the website application builder to perform specific actions in a particular time interval. It could be measured in connection of throughput or latency. Throughput is the amount of events, which take place in a certain amount of time, while latency is the time that is taken to respond to particular event.

-    Support right level of performance
Next time you asses a web application builder, go through this list and see if you can change your design to tick more. If you keep these traits in mind while creating your app, there is more chance that you’ll end up with a better outcome and end product.

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