Features to look for in a Website Builder

Website builders are relatively one of the most convenient, fastest and cheapest ways to get involved in the online world. But with so many options out there, you surely find it hard to choose the best one. Each will offer you with amazing features that are really attractive. But before you settle with them, it’s a must to know whether this feature is helpful for creating your website or serve as just displays. So what are the features you should look from web builders instead of those add-ons?
• Web design. People are attracted to beautiful things. A great web appearance can be your edge especially if your website is for business purposes. If we see something attractive, we will stop to see what it is. A website that is appealing can bring more visitors, leading in a positive effect. Design comes next from the content.
Your chosen web builder should enable you to change the feel and look of your website. It should allow you to change colors and theme template, upload logo, change layout, and many more. Theme template should also be customizable with images.
Locate Us. Your site builder should allow you to add Google or other map to pinpoint your location. This is useful especially for e-commerce websites. Picking a point in the map and placing your exact location directly on the map must be allowable. You can also make use of phone’s GPS to know your visitor’s location from your business site.
• Click-to-call. It might be a simple feature but can be very useful. Choosing a website builder that supports “Click-to-call” can be an edge. Imagine the convenience that you can bring to your customers if your phone visitors can make a call just by clicking your phone number.
• Mobile friendly. Aside from producing responsive and flexible computer layout, website builders should load rapidly on mobile phones. It’s a fact that responsive design looks great to be one-size fits all but in reality, this are quite large for mobiles resulting on slow loading. If you want to check your website performance in mobiles there are online tools which you can use.
• Contact and Forms. Web builder should allow generating contact forms. Through this, visitors can leave a message when they come on your website. Decent web builders will usually let you create a generic form that is suitable for any field you are in.
• Reservation. If your website purpose is to extend your business service, reservation can be a helpful feature. Your visitors should be able to book appointments or reservation on your website. This service will surely help you expand your business.
• E-commerce. An effective e-commerce website will allow you to add products on it and will enable efficient and effective product transactions. Your web builder should not give limit on the number of products to be displayed.
• Image and Video Galleries. Look for builders that allow photo viewing either through mobile phones, desktop, or tablets. Uploading, resizing and uploading photo should be allowed.
Social media integration and sharing buttons, RSS feeds, event calendar, integrate ad platform, SEO support, location-based services, site cookies, code snippets, and web analytics are also important features to look in a web builder. If you are going to buy website builder, trying it first (if it offer free trial), exploring its features and know if it works for you will lead on getting only the best website builder.

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