Must-Look Features on Website Makers

Nowadays, it is very important that you know how to boost up your online presence. Well, this is the time where website makers come into play. They are one of the quickest, most convenient and most probably, cheapest way to lift you up from the bottom page of search result pages. However, since there are lots of website makers available now in the market, how are you going to pick the right one suited for you? Are you tired of getting confused? Check the following must-look features of website makers for you to lessen your burden on your search: 

 Theme or Design Chooser

  You must have the ability on changing the theme of your website through website maker. You must be at least can upload your own logo, change colors based on your preference, try another layout and even pick a different kind of theme template. Once you are utilizing theme template, you should have the chance to personalize it through your own images.


 One of today’s demand among website is that it must mobile-friendly. They must generate responsive layouts. Also, web pages must also load immediately when they are being viewed on mobile phones. Though responsive designs is prettier than ordinary but then in reality, they are really slow in loading and most of the time, large for mobiles. You must make use of online tools so you can examine the performance of these web pages.

Supports click-to-call

 Though this is really simple but helpful function. If your website maker could support click to call visitors via mobile phones may just click the phone number to call you. Then, there they go!

 Could allow you to add Google map or any other map

 Look also for website maker, which can let you choose a point in the map and let you input the address of your business or home directly without hassle. You could also make use of the GPS in your phone so you can generate direction from the recent location of your visitor down to the business of yours.

 Contacts and Forms

 At least you can create simple contact form, which can encourage your visitors to come and then leave some comment or message. Additionally, on decent website makers will let you create generic contact form, no matter what kind of field-types and field you wanted.


 You should make sure that your visitors could book via your website. Be it a simple restaurant who just like to take some seating reservations or just an auto-mechanic who’d like to some servicing schedules, you must at least ensure that your chosen website maker can set this up.

Image galleries/Video Galleries

  One of the most significant element of website today is images and oftentimes, there is a set of images being displayed through the galleries here. You must resize, upload, or even crop these images. Apart from that, you must also group together these images and then arrange them again on the gallery.

 So these are some features but not limited into them that you must look on a website maker. Start now your journey.

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