Drag and Drop Website Builder

Drag and drop Website builder is a web building tool that is browser-based. This allows quick and easy website creation. All you need to do is drag the building blocks on their proper place, arrange it and then edit the copy.
Initial Steps in Creating Drag and Drop Website
1st step: Open drop and drag website builder to view the menu screen. Lots of options will come out, click the option “Create new site”. Choose a name, this will not be your actual name of the site but will just be used as a reference. Afterwards, choose a background template that you think suits the subject or topic of the site. There are numerous template from the drag and drop web builder that you can choose from.
2nd Step: In order to catch your target audience attention, you need to create a banner. Just like the templates, numerous options will pop out in your computer screen. If you see the button “change Banner”, click it and see the options available. After you have pick the banner suitable for your site, click it and then click the “save” button. Afterwards you can edit the site and place the picture banner on the top of it. If nothing among the options seemed to be relevant on your site, you can upload and use your own photo. Using Photoshop can help you make banners that look like a professional one but if prefer simple banners, MS Paint can already help you.
3rd Step: Can you see rectangular box at the top of the web builder screen? Well, this is where you would put your headline. But this might also appear inside the banner, depending on the template you use. Click the box and type your headline, or your site’s name. Make sure that it is relevant because this will be the very first thing your visitor will see. Make it eye-catching and as specific as possible so visitors will know what the site contains.
After you have achieved this initial steps, you can now start filling up your website with content. This will surely be fun and somehow challenging.
What can Drag and Drop Website Builder offer you?
Just with the aid of a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, you can already create a website in an easy way. Not just that, it can also allow web creation in just minutes. Another good thing is that you don’t need to memorize and bother yourself with all those codes such as HTML.
So what else you can do with drag and drop website builder? You can create professionally designed banners template and page layouts. Don’t like the available banners? You can import just through few clicks. Aside from that, you can also clone layouts, add buttons, duplicate pages, insert links and images just doing few clicks. Videos can also be included in your website.
With Drag and Drop, you can publish, manage and create your own site without breaking a sweat. This is also an ideal choice if you want to save time and money. If you are planning to create a website for business purposes, drag and drop website builder that offers web hosting, tools, and other resources in one package will be better.

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