Creating a website using word

Since a person can create HTML pages using Word, why many individuals utilize other kinds even though this has the high availability? It maybe because they want something new. However, some of the services from other companies are costly so a person must possess the quality of being stingy on this regard.
If you have changed your mind, here are the steps on using the Word in making your website:
 Load word
 Type Homepage on the page
 Click File, save it as a webpage. In the Microsoft office word 2007, you have to click the button, Office, save as, and click another formats.
 Your page should be saved as index.html. In word 2007, you must change the Save as type into Web Page.
 After doing that, you will notice that your page will not look like a normal document for the reason that it is already a web layout.
 Add other texts by typing, this is my home page.
 You have to save your work more often by clicking an icon that will allow you to save it. And the word will never forget that it serves as your web page.
 Do the similar process when it comes to your other pages. You will keep on reading it.
 Under your text, you have to link it to your homepage.
 Make your text highlighted.
 To make Hyperlink, you have to click insert.
 Look for the HTML (index).
 If you find it already, you have to select it and click the button okay.
 Make sure that you will always remember that you have recently made a hyperlink meaning in your browser you should click on that so that you can go to other pages in your website.
 You can also add your other websites a hyperlink. In the text box, you should type your webpage address.
 To make your site complete, you have to do the process at all times.
 You already have your website using the word.
Since other people might not want to use word in creating their sites, it is because they do not know its advantages or benefits it can offer or provide. One of its positive things is that an individual will no longer use a domain name. This is being purchased and registered so he will be allotting his money to do that. But with word, it will not break your pocket, and you will also do some savings and you do not need a web hosting.
Looking for a hosting companies can be time-consuming but with word, it has the high rate of availability. All you have to do is to have your computer, lap top, net book, etc. that have installed Microsoft office word.
Therefore, a person should be a little bit frugal when it comes to creating a website. He/she must give value on the things he/she already has like word.