Creating a website: Persons involved

In creating a website, you need a team or certain people in order to create a successful one. You can never create your own website without the help of other-be it a person, software or a thing. In addition, before you learn how to create a website, you must be aware and have the knowledge about who will be the persons involved in creating it.
Here are the persons that can help you on how to create a website:
The Website Owner
This refers to the one who owns the website. His/her role in creating a website is to provide the necessary or needed information about the website he/she would want to create and give it to the person who will help in creating the website. The website owner will be the one who will decide whom to ask and what to do in his/her website. You as the owner should learn the best ways on how to create a website efficiently.
The Web Host
It provides you with the software and hardware infrastructure wherein your future website resides. It includes server software, server and high-speed internet connections. They make sure that the server is up and you have the following basic tools: FTP, web server, email server. DNS, database, etc.
The Domain Registrar
You know the fact that one of the essential part on how to create a website is choosing for domain name. In relation to this, you need to register your domain name to a specific domain registrar to reserve the domain name for the exclusively using it. You will need to register your website name for a year and renew it for as long as you want to. The domain registrar can also give you the ability changing the name servers.
The Graphics Designer
They are the ones who create feel and the look of the website. They work on the branding, logo, graphics, color scheme, etc. A web developer can also be a web designer; however, it is better if you hire someone that really specializes in graphic designing.
The Web Developer
While the web host provides the basic tools, the web developer is actually the one who is building the website. However, the website owner can also be at the same time, web developer. It will just be up to you if you still need to hire a web developer or do it yourself. The role of the web developer is to install things that might be helpful to the website and customize it. Moreover, the web developer configures web hosting such as modifying DNS, setting up email accounts.
Knowing the persons involved in creating a website will definitely help you on how to create a website. You will now know whom to call or ask when you plan making your own website. You can also decide whether to hire a particular person or just do it by yourself since you already know their roles and how hard or easy it is.