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As the technology is fast outgrowing in today’s generation, there are many online apps generating in the online world. Many sites have been created giving wide range of browsing options for the people today. Many websites were built for better browsing experience for every visitor in the online world. Before people would enjoy different website and browse it online, it’s been planned and created by those website builders according to the preferences of the website owners. There are paid website builder and there free and easy website builder. So, what is website builder? What are the best easy website builders that can be used by some website developer? And how do you get started with best free website builder? 

A easy website builder or the so-called website builder is a software online or offline builder that can be easily used in creating a website. A website builder helps in constructing websites without manual editing of code. It is a kind of Content Management System (CMS). Website builders are commonly used by photographers, freelancer and those people with or without web store and those has small business start-ups.

Website builder has two types; the online builder and offline builder. The online builder is an entire web-based that run on the provider’s server, this tool is a standard web browser like the internet explorer or Firefox. While the offline website is software package that will only download and install on the computer just like the Rapid Weaver.

Creating your own website is very popular today and many easy website builders make it more simple and easy enough to independently build a good website even without special web development skills. There are many free website builders that can be easily used by those individual who wants to create and build their own website. Here is the list of some best free and easy website builder:

1. Webs- It has a package that includes 1 website ads and mobile version with ads also. Has a storage space of 400MB and bandwidth of 500MB.

2. Wix - One of the popular website builder for free, it is a HTML5 website that is engine friendly. It is easy-to-use and has an advanced drag and drop website editor, has collection of great set of templates categories. It is great website that can create a free online portfolio or personal page, any business website or a one-page resume.

3. Moonfruit- The, a free website builder that has many creative templates. It has 200MB storage and a bandwidth of 1GB. It can push your entire shop in Facebook with just few clicks.

4. Webnode - It is a website builder that has a free version of personal websites and an online store. Has 100MB for personal website and 10MB for online store.

5. Jimdo - is a free website builder that provides opportunity to have and create website. It has online store and personal page, but it has limited numbers of small items for store sales. It has storage of 500MB and many other additional features.

The best free website builder can give those individual who wants to create and have their own website for free and experience the different features that it offers. There is a lot of easy website builder that web developers can choose from as their option and can be used in creating their personal website.


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