About Webs Website Builder

Webs or formerly known as Freewebs is a premium and primarily static site web host which has been founded in the year 2001. The services that they offer are free and has a premium plans for website hosting. They also have their own templates of website building services. Webs is a website builder that creates an authentic culture that has spawned with the modern technology and innovation both from the inside and outside of the company.
Webs started in the year 2001 as Freewebs after the bubble of the dot-com. It is a startup launched by the brothers Zeki and Haroon Mokhtarzada during their last year of attending school at the University of Maryland, College Park with the assistance of their younger brother whose name is Idris. The Mokhtarzada brothers’ goal in launching the Webs is to enable all the people in the world who wants to express their selves with the help of the creation of their personal website. Between the year 2003 and 2007, the Webs Company grew up to 1704 %. In the year 2007, the Webs website has recorded over 18 million of unique and random visitors per month.
On the year 2008, Freewebs has changed its name into Webs but the username of the users still remain as the freewebs.com. It can’t be changed unless the user website owner wants to change it over. Website owners can also upgrade their websites into a premium of package for them to receive a customized website address even without the use of the Webs subdomain names.
On 2012, Webs has released new features which includes a new drag and drop version, more customizable themes to choose from and a simple integration with the social media. In 2013, Webs introduces a booster for the Search Engine Optimization. It is a tool that can help the users know and identify the best phrases of keywords in order to build into the website that they have and improve its position in the results of the search engine.
Aside from the interface of drag and drop that the Webs have, they also have professional and appealing themes for the websites owners who want to create their new website. For those pro level websites, additional e-commerce features are included like the unlimited items from the web store, Facebook and Goggle advertising credits. All Webs user can also put the links of their websites in their social networking media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Webs also offer site builders and own themes as well as a selection of the applications like photo gallery, blog and web store. Since Webs is a free website, the features that it has are only limited as well as the web banners that can be found on the bottom part of the screen. But Webs offer more premium plans that have more features and tools which allow website owners to buy their own domain name and upgrade their website pages.
So, you can now check out what Webs can do for your website.

About Simbla

Trying to create a website for their own business, Simbla's founders recognized, over the years, a lack of excellent, simple tools available on the market. Therefore, in 2013 Simbla was founded, for the purpose of providing a smart and easy website building solution for all kinds of business. Simbla's founders have more than 15 years of experience with web-based platforms and website building. We are helping SMB's to create a web presence and to evolve easily into a highly competitive market.


In our vision Simbla creates a new environment where websites are meant for everybody!


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