A good choice of website builder
Register.com or formerly known to as Forman Interactive is another kind of website builder. It was first founded as an internet service provider by the brothers Peter Forman, Richard and Dan Levine in the year 1994. In the year 1999, from Forman Interactive, the company has changed its name until it is known to be today as Register.com.
Register.com was one of the top five registrars for the Shared registry system of competitive. The company has begun its name as a registrar paid in the dot com, dot net, and in the dot org domains. In the year 2005, Register.com has developed their own strategy on how they will be going to focus on the small business as well as in providing the online services in order to serve that kid of segment in the market. Register.com received major recognitions. They are recognized to be as the Outstanding Service provider Experience when they become to be as the first ever online services in the industry organization that are able to receive the J.D Power and Associates Certification for Call Center. Register.com has received this kind of recognition in four consecutive years in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
Register.com is one of the largest companies in registration that has received a lot of positive awards and reviews because of its customer service and products. Register.com is the company that currently received an A+ rating that comes from the Better Business Bureau.
Since Register.com is a web.com company that gives the most important and the essential tools that a certain business needs in order for them to build and for them to be able to manage their presence in the online world. With their 50 years and over in the industry, 50 products and 2 million names under their management and a hundred thousand of the satisfied and overwhelmed customers, the Register.com is truly the number one and the leading tool of the small business in the online world.
The products that Register.com is offering provides a wide range of the resources that are usually reserved for the larger organizations which includes domain names, do it myself website, email hosting, do it for me websites, SSL certificates, ecommerce, online marketing, web hosting and a lot more. They also provide support to their customers by contacting them. They offer a quick and a user friendly registration with a wide array of designs for your website. Regiter.com is an internet service provider and a website builder that will help you and your business grow and stand out in the online world.
So if you are looking for a web hosting system in making your business more visible and noticeable online, Register.com is one of the best website builders that you can have. Partner with Register.com now and advertise with them, become a reseller with them and become an affiliate with them. Your small business will surely become a hit one when you choose to partner with Regster.com. So, start boosting your site with a good choice of web builder.