A closer view on Website Builder

A website builder or a website creator is a tool used to easily create a website. This has two categories – the online and offline. Online tools are intended for users to build their private site. This allows the owner of the site to install Content Management Systems. While the offline tools are software which runs on computer and creates pages offline. Then, this can be published on any host.
Where it came from?
The first websites were manually written in HTML on 1990s. After then, software was created to help in designing the web pages. Dreamwaver in 1998, was the leading industry but then, the quality of their code produced was been criticized for not being compliant. After developing the open source tools, Amaya in 1996 was started by W3C to showcase new featured web technologies. This was started as CSS and HTML editor and presently supports XHTML, MathML, SVG and XML. The first modern website builders do not require any technical skills. After five years, Yahoo! purchased it for 3.6 billion dollars in 1994. But then, it has been shut down for good in 2009 after having been technically outdated. This has opened the new market for tools on website building. This is the start of evolving companies like Wix.com, Webs.com and Weebly which host more than one hundred million websites.
Types of website builders – offline vs. online
Website builders server are mostly run on and web-based providers. In using these tools, all you need is an ordinary web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. While other website builders are software packages downloaded and installed on your computer like Rapidweaver. Online and offline tools have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Online site builders advantages:
 You don’t need to purchase or buy the software.
 There is no need in installing on your computer.
 There is no updating of software or opening FTP server.
 You may work on your website wherever you are.
 The web hosting and website builder are offered by the same provider.
 Several website builders offering fully free packages.
Offline site builders’ advantages:
 Without getting online, you can still work on your website.
 Greater flexibility in FTP server access
 Website builder will make you less dependable.
 Can I create a unique website with a site builder?
Having a good website builder you can make your site unique with customized header image, background, color schemes and layout. There are many options for you whether you want a wedding website, photography website, professional website or something you want. The website builder will handle you in a smoothly way to turn your idea into a reality on a web.
How much it cost?
There are companies offering free web site builders. To others, having free website creators will depend on features. You can upgrade your site to have more features, depending on the kind of site you want. Most site builders offer several plans so that one can exactly find the features they want at a reasonable price.
Several website builders offer great features and it is a great option for your business to come up with a professional website.

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