3 Easy steps in Creating a Website

Creating a website should not be a burden on you. With the help of tutorial and numerous information regarding website creation, the process is not a tough one anymore. And through the help of web developers, even those individuals who don’t have knowledge about website’s technicality can be capable of creating their own website.
1st Step. Decide what platform you will use. Before worrying about domain names, web host, web design, you first need to decide the type of platform you intend to use. This can either be word press, or any other CMS platform. Why CMS platform? You are seeking help on how to create website, therefore it can be concluded that you don’t acquire the needed technical knowledge. Ok, CMS or content management system platforms are user friendly. This will not require for any codes thus you can create and manage your website in an easy way.
One of the most reliable website platform that you can use is the WordPress. With WordPress, you can have lots of layout options for free. It doesn’t need to be install or downloaded. This is also easy to use, especially helpful for beginners. It’s just like using an expanded Microsoft word.
It is also powerful, and can handle any type of website. It is suitable for either simple blogs, online stores, business sites and many more. Aside from that, it is also mobile-friendly.
2nd Step. Pick your Domain name and Web Hosting. In order to start creating a website, you need to have a domain name or the name for your website and a Web hosting or the service which will connect your website to the Internet. If you still can’t decide on what will be the best domain name you can start it by knowing your sites purpose. If it’s for business, the domain name should be similar with the company name and if it’s for your personal use, you can have YourName.Com
As much as possible avoid choosing name with weird extension and settle with a common name. The name should be common so people will easily remember it. This will help people to easily find your website.
3rd Step. Set up your site. The first thing here will be the installment of your chosen platform. Afterwards, choose a template of the theme of your site. Design the site using the tolls offered by your chosen platform, make this look like what you have envisioned. Aside from designing the page, you also need to add content on it.
The content should be as appealing as your design. It should be useful and fresh. The website will be useless if there will just be less people who will visit it. After you complete the design and content, the next thing to do is assure that the site is working in any browser. Make sure that people can access the page either through goggle or Bing and any other browser.
To build an effective website, you should also establish clear goal in your mind.